Jan 8, 2013

Top 12 Posts of 2012

So, 2012 wasn't my first year to have a blog. However, it was my first year to really blog. As in, post more than twice a month and connect with people and have a schedule. All that normal blog stuff. It was really fun and really great. I'm still not even really sure what my blog is even about, but I love writing it. So, here's to hoping 2013 is just as great and that you all stick with me for the next year.

For anyone that may be new, as well as anyone that has read my blog from the beginning (thanks, Mom!) and might have missed something, here my favorite posts from 2012:

12. From Day To Night - I shared a little about my confusion with the whole "day to night" outfit phenomena.

11. Why You Should Buy Empty Frames - I used a thrifted frame to make a little bulletin board for my office.

10. The Case of the Missing Cart - A completely outrageous story about how I ended up in a shopping cart mess while grocery shopping.

9. Easy Triangle Banner - check out this easy DIY banner I made using twine and fabric scraps.

8. Master Bedroom - Phase 5 - We did a few inexpensive updates in the Master Bedroom to make it feel a bit more cozy.

 7. House Tour - Dining Room - Our dining room got a lovely little update thanks to some thrifted pictures and green chairs.

6. What to Know About Goldendoodles -  I answered some of the common questions I get about our son dog, Winston.

5. Repurposed Button-Down - one of my favorite clothing updates so far, I turned a regular button down to a cute tank top with lace trim.

 4. Teardrop Necklace DIY - one of the most popular posts, I love this necklace and wear it all the time.

3. Pouf-y - I made this pouf and even though it's purpose is debatable, I love it!

1. Coffee Bar Take 2 - by far the most popular and pinned post this past year. We've had our coffee bar going now for about four years and we still love it!


  1. Great post, love your DIYs, especialy the pouf and the blouse!

    xx Karolina

    1. Thanks so much, Karolina! Those two are my favorites too!

  2. I am so glad you found my blog! Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! I am a new follower now- and this post was a great way for me to catch up on your blog! I may have just read all 12 of those posts...excited to read more!

    1. Shannon - I'm so glad you came to "visit" me! I'm so glad you feel like you know what's going on around here now :)

  3. Love the green chairs and the pouf. Can't wait to take a look around and see more of your posts! :) Joann

  4. I had to check out the DIY tear drop necklace. SO cute! I thought those were blue stones until I saw the paint. Love this!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. I'm so glad you like the necklace! You should definitely give it a shot - it was so easy!


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