Dec 4, 2012

Pine Cone Garland DIY

As I've mentioned time and time again, I'm a huge cheapskate, so that means I don't like to spend any money decorating for Christmas. Christmas is really important to me, it's just that I have trouble spending money on something I'll only use for about a month. I usually go out after Christmas and buy a few things that are 80% and then use that the next year.

I've been working on decorating the living room, and I decided it needed a little more... something. So I brought out some extra Christmas stuff I had and just stared at it for a while:

Then I whipped up a garland in just a few minutes. It really makes me giggle that the garland is decorating a roman shade... we don't have a mantle and for some reason I thought the roman shade thing seemed like a good idea?

If you're wondering, I used the cinnamon scented pin cones (the bag was about $1.50 at Micheal's) and a few mini ornaments I bought 75% off at Target after Christmas last year. Easy and cheap!

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  1. This is really pretty!

    Cheap and easy - that's my kind of craft!

  2. So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great use of seasonal gifts from nature - bring the outdoors In. Its very festive as in the summer I bring in Seashells & Beach glass to place in a bowl so why not do the same in Winter. I have a pinecone that was dipped in lemongrass oil hanging in my car instead of the ones you buy at the store. Enjoy -

    1. Wow, I LOVE that idea! I will definitely be trying that!

  4. haha this is such a quick, easy and natural Xmas decoration! we used to have heaps of pine cones at our old, old house so this diy would've been ever simpler haha.

  5. Ashley!!! I loooove this!!! How did you do it though? Just tie the string around the top of the pinecones? Share your secrets! I tried to ask Eric but he had no clue. (typical guy!)

    1. Haha, that is so typical! I'm so glad you like it, Christine! Yes - I literally just tied a string around the top of the cones. I didn't even knot it. Just a "criss-cross" type of loop underneath the second or third stem of leaves, around the stem. I hope that makes sense! I completely forgot to take a picture of it :(


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