Nov 26, 2012

What Do I Blog About?

I love style, but I don't love to spend money. Blogging has become a way for me to make the most out of my closet.

Style Resolution
Working with What's In My Closet
Looking Back On Style
Outfit Page

We purchased our first home in 2010 and we have spent the past couple of years painting, replacing carpet, and all the other *fun* things that have made us love it.

The House Search
House Tour Page - coming soon!
Master Bedroom
The Coffee Bar

I'm not artistic, but I'm a little bit crafty. I love easy and inexpensive projects, but I have been known to whip out the power tools and the sewing machine every once in a while.

Projects Page
DIY Teardrop Necklace
DIY Pouf
Easy Triangle Banner

                    Eric and I got married in November 2008 and it's been an adventure ever since. 

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