Nov 26, 2012

Week In Review - Thanksgiving & Weddings

I am a little bit off on my weekly review posts as I took last week off from blogging. But it has been a wonderful couple of weeks so I thought I would do a quick recap post for you today (and yes, I'm aware that VERY few people are interested in these posts, and no, that won't keep me from writing them :))

 A couple of weekends ago, a very good friend of ours got married. We are SO SO happy for him and his lovely new bride. 

The wedding was wonderful because we knew nearly everyone there. I think those are the most fun weddings. I loved spending time with a few of my favorite friends.

On the way to the wedding I spent some time with my two besties. We ate, sat around talked. It was lovely. One of my friends is in the Mugging Business and this is what her house looks like (don't know what the mugging business is? Check it out here).

We also celebrated our 4-year anniversary that weekend. We stayed at a hotel on the University of Arkansas campus that houses the restaurant we ate at the night we got engaged.

Eric and I headed to my grandparent's farm in south Texas for thanksgiving. Dinner was amazing of course.

 After dinner Eric and my brothers shot birds out of a tree with a BB Gun because... that's what you do on a farm in South Texas.

 We also tie-dyed t-shirts while Jack the donkey watched because... that's what you do on a farm in South Texas.

My grandparent's town is has the largest ratio of people to barbecue restaurants or something like that... so of course we ate barbecue a couple of times :)

Lastly, Winston was a complete doll on the trip, letting my 9 month-old second cousin climb ALL over him. He really is the sweetest.


  1. I wish I was eating BBQ.

    Sounds like a great, full week. Glad you enjoyed your time with friends and family.


  2. the best part of this is the fact that the donkey has a name. :) Fun recap!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, GFF. I'm glad you got to meet such an engaging donkey.


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