Nov 27, 2012

November - Where My Dolla' Bills Went

It's that time again... confessions from my bank account. I didn't buy much this month because I am trying really hard not to... it's the time of year when we'll be spending a lot of money on gifts, parties, etc. so we're trying to cut back in other areas to kind of "balance out." I know, that's some seriously complicated financial planning :)

Anyway, this is what I've purchased in the last month:

1.  Alternative Apparel Leggings    So. These weren't on my wish-list AND they are really expensive for leggings, BUT Eric and I visited a friend's store while we were traveling the past couple of weeks and we both wanted to spend some money there. So I bought these leggings. I know. Pull my leg. $48.

2. JCP Tank   You might remember that I actually bought this same tank in teal last month. Well, I happened to be wandering through JC Penney last week and found this color on sale for $5. Since I've already worn the other tank a few times, I figured the purple color would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

3. Green Jeans   I have actually been eying a pair of green jeans for a while. Green is my favorite color (I know, I've mentioned it a million times :)) and I only own one other pair of colored jeans (see them here). So that was my really persuasive reason for buying them. Mine are from JC Penney, but they are really similar to this pair from Old Navy. $27.

4. Dillard's Skirt  (similar)   I purchased this during my short-lived phase of wanting to buy more quality items. I went to Dillard's and found this skirt for $19. Sold. Then I went back to Target and I haven't bought a quality item since :)

Total: $99 

Do you all own any of these items? Anything look like something you might be interested in?

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  1. I went to JCP looking for that same tank after I saw it featured on someone's blog (must have been yours!), but had no luck. I bought green jeans earlier this month, though a dark hunter green. I saw a pair of similar leggings in Gap Kids, and would have bought them if they were my size. Great finds!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

    1. Bummer about the tank - I really do love it (I'm wearing the blue one as I am writing this reply, haha)! I wish I could wear kids clothes - I have a really short friend who can - she says she always gets really great deals!

  2. I love looking at posts like these, where bloggers talk about their purchases of the month. I plan on starting this sometime next year. I love every single piece you got, especially the jeans & top. JCP has been great to you, lately.


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