Nov 13, 2012

Fall Table Runner DIY

I don't get super-into decorating for holidays because I don't like spending a lot of money. I also don't like clutter, so I think that probably plays into it as well. But when I can do something festive that is cheap, or even better - free, then I am all for it!

Last year I showed you some of my "fall decor," which was basically a bunch of plastic pumpkins I had purchased at Hobby Lobby for 75% off (I think each pumpkin was between 25 and 75 cents). I did pretty much the same thing this year - just scattering the little pumpkins all over the house. But last night I kind of went crazy and decided I wanted something more (it was a dramatic enough moment that it called for italics). So I made a fall table runner. Here it is:

It was so easy, it doesn't really need an explanation, but I'll give you one anyway :)

Supplies Needed:
  • Dropcloth
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional - you could hand-stitch or leave the runner with a raw edge)
  • Stencil paper (or anything you can use to make a stencil)
  • Acrylic paint

Basically, you just cut and sew the drop-cloth into the size you want your table runner to be. I used a bright orange thread to sew the edges because I thought it would be fun for the paint and leaves to match.

Draw a leaf on your stencil paper then cut it out out - I can't draw and I am really messy painter, so I went with as simple of a design as possible.

Paint the leaves onto your runner any way you like. I think it would look cute for the whole runner to be covered with leaves, but as mentioned, I am a sloppy painter and my husband sweetly suggested that I stop while it still looked good :)

Simple, yes? And it didn't cost me a penny since I had all the supplies on hand. Anyone else throwing in some last minute fall decorating since it's basically Christmas season next week?
fall decoration


  1. We're hosting Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to hold onto Fall as much as I can, but all the people who already have Christmas lights up are not helping!

  2. So pretty. Love the color of your chairs. Did you paint them too?


    1. Thanks, FringeGirl!

      I did paint the chairs! You can check out the before and after in this post:

      Chair Makeover

  3. This is such a sweet DIY. I really like the orange contrast stitching. And... eeps!! I need to start on my holiday decorating. Christmas is so soon!

    1. Thanks, Erica! I know - I seriously can't believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas decorating!!

  4. OMG How gorgeous this is. You did such an awesome job DIY-ing your pumpkins and I love that table runner, too. I can always find such great home inspirations from your blog, Ash. =)


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