Oct 26, 2012

Week In Review - Photography & Corn Relish

This week I,

Assisted my good friend Esther with a wedding. We were lucky enough to have our friends Justin and Mark there to do videography, so we really had a great time.

Went with Winston to watch Eric play in his Old Man Soccer League.

Embraced the cooler temperatures with hot tea and peach shortbread.

Watched the strange plant in my flowerbed go crazy and bloom beautifully. I know nothing about plants, but it turns out some plants bloom in the fall :)

 Made black bean patties with corn relish and avocado cream sauce. They were SO GOOD. And really healthy too! 


  1. That looks really yummy, but I clicked on the recipe and once I saw "red bell peppers, divided," I decided I probably can't do it. The word "divided" scares me most in recipes. I feel like I can never figure out what it means! haha I realize I'm totally exposing my ignorance, but there it is. So if it truly is an awesome recipe, maybe I should just "help" you make it for one of our dinner nights sometime. :)

    1. Haha Claire, I understand! But these are super-easy - you would love them! Let's make them together soon :)

  2. Those black bean patties look really good. I haven't heard of turning beans into patties, but my family loves beans, so they would probably enjoy it. I'll have to check out the recipe.


  3. The hot tea, peach shortbread and black bean patties all sound amazing!! You are making this pregnant woman CRAVING THEM!! =D

    Also, what a beautiful blooming flower. I also want to see your photography skills here, through some of the wedding pics.

    Enjoy Your Weekend, Ada. =)


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