Oct 10, 2012

Outfit of the Week - Stripes & Florals

So I finally bought a few things, after my brief hiatus from purchasing clothes. It felt good, but it felt even better not to buy things. I've had to get really creative. Like this jacket, for example. I've had it for about 8 years (after purchasing it on sale from Target) and I'm so glad I held onto it. Because that military trend that's going on right now? Well, this jacket is my little take on it. Yeah, it might not be the jacket or the vest, but it was free :)

One of the things I bought? These shoes. I'm kind of obsessed - oxfords, gray, pink sole - what's not to love?

Quick question for you: I'm considering doing a monthly post about what I've bought, clothing-wise, or something about how much I spend on clothes. Would that be interesting to anyone? I'm thinking it might help keep me accountable, but I don't know if that would be the most boring thing ever?

Scarf & Jacket: Target
Striped Top: H&M
Jeans: Banana Republic (on sale for $20!)
  Watch: Fossil
Shoes: TJ Maxx 

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  1. so cute! and as for the monthly clothing posts, i say go for it! i always love anything you write anyway. :)

  2. I love that scarf!! gotta look for it next time I'm at Target! Oh and I say do the monthly clothes posts!!

  3. Love this outfit - classic and casual chic, my favorite combination. I tried a "what I bought" roundup post last month. To be honest, I haven't done it for this month, mostly because I'm slightly embarrassed with how much I bought. It was certainly an eye opener! But I'm always interested to see what other people get - it gives me ideas for my own wardrobe.

  4. Yes! you should totally do it! cute outfit!


  5. Love your outfit!

    I have a similar color jacket...you're giving me ideas. ;-)

  6. Stripes and florals were just meant to go together. I wonder if we'll look back on our outfits in 20 years and think "what in the world, florals and stripes? who thought this was a good idea" but right now, I love it.

    1. Haha, I know what you mean! I'm pretty convinced we'll all wonder what the heck we were thinking in 20 years, but I'm with you - enjoy it for now!

  7. i love this look! especially those shoes, i found some at target last month :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. I really like that jacket! Good call hanging on to it.

  9. Love that scarf!

    Dropping in from What I Wore Wednesday!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  10. I love to read what bloggers buy and how much they pay.

    I love those shoes. I keep eyeballing the similar ones at Target that are black w/teal sole.

  11. I would definitely be interested to read how much you spend and buy in a month, especially if you're a big sale shopper like I am, it's always fun to read about super sales. I'm glad you kept this jacket too because it's not only on trend but so cute on you!

  12. So cute! Stripes and florals are one of my faves right now...and those oxfords....precious! High five for this one!!

  13. Love how you mixed stripes with a print. I think posts on your latest finds and budget is a great idea.

  14. I am obsessed with oxfords! Just found your blog via pinterest. New follower.


  15. excellent idea! i'd love to see how others can make do on a limited budget so i can get some ideas! I go on clothing starvation diets, then went crazy over a period of a couple of weeks shopping like a crazy woman.

  16. I love mixing stripes and floral. You look FANTASTIC. Your hair looks Fabulous, too. =) I love that scarf, the jacket (I am wearing one very similar today) and the cozy Oxfords. I am pinning this look, Ashley.

    By the way, please be kind and click the Follow button on my page. Thanks a lot. =) Ada.


  17. I love this look so much! Pinned right away.
    Your new follower :)


  18. wait, AND you live in Oklahoma!?!?
    I love finding awesome Oklahoma bloggers.




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