Oct 9, 2012

Master Bedroom - Phase 5

As mentioned before, I am working on getting my house tour page updated, so I am trying to share some areas of the house that might have been done for a while, but have yet to make it on the blog. Today that means I am sharing a few things in the Master Bedroom. And for the record, I use the word 'master' loosely... we have a two bedroom, one bathroom house so the 'master bedroom' is just the bigger room that we sleep in.

And, onward.

Here are a couple of before pictures of the area I'm showing you today (this is the area across from the bed):
The above picture was taken the day we moved in and the below picture was taken after we painted and hung the chandelier (oh, and put up those glorious curtains made from an old sheet).

So, that's what we were working with. After that we placed the dresser we updated in that spot, but we decided that would work better on another wall. So, we actually had some "free space" meaning we could do anything we wanted there. We decided we wanted a few things out of the space:
  • A larger mirror (our closet has no mirror)
  • A seating area
  • A place for Eric's guitar
  • To spend hardly any money
So here it is now:

Much better, eh? Let's break down what's different about the space:
  • The mirror. This beauty is over six foot tall, and the trim is hammered black metal. We found it at Hobby Lobby originally priced at $300, but it was during one of their half-off sales. We thought the price was still a little steep, so when we noticed a tiny little crack in one of the corners we Eric asked if we could get an additional discount. $100 later, we crammed it into the back of our car and brought it home. 
  • The chair. We would have loved to purchase a comfy, overstuffed chair, but the space was limited and we didn't want to spend a lot. My in-laws were getting rid of this circle chair, so we brought it home and stuck it here. It's actually really comfortable, and the little pillow (from my friend Kaitlyn's shop) makes it a little more cozy.
  • The pictures. Eric says it's a weird shrine to us, and he's probably right, but I felt weird putting pictures of anyone else in our bedroom. Anyone with me on that? So the Ribba Frames have a couple of pictures of us, a print from Katie Daisy and a little message board. The bottom center frame is a wedding shadow box a la Young House Love. The gallery wall is actually a little sparse right now, but we hope to add to it in the future. 
  •  The guitar and dulcimer. Basically, we had to leave them "out" because we didn't have another place to put them where they could be accessible. I really like having them here, besides when Winston knocks them over in the middle of the night :)

So, that's it - The bedroom is basically done!  If you want to see more, check out the painting and crown molding phase, and the DIY headboard. Full reveal coming soon!


  1. I absolutely love this! Such a great project. And can we talk about that light fixture...I am so in love with it! And I just popped over and looked at the headboard. I have nothing else to say about it except that it's beautiful. And lucky you on the circle chair it looks perfect! Okay I'll stop gushing now because I love it all!

  2. Love your bedroom! So cute. I'm getting a bug to do something in my own. Right now it's limited to pinning bedrooms on pinterest, but one day...

    Your mirror is fabulous.

  3. What a chic bedroom, cozy & personal too. Cannot wait to see the entire reveal. =)


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