Sep 10, 2012

House Tour - The Kitchen

I'm working on creating a "house tour" page for my blog, but it turns out I haven't actually posted all the rooms in our home on the blog. So today I'm attempting to do just that - I'm showing your our kitchen.

There are no before pictures for this room, because well, we didn't really do anything. This room is the ONLY room we didn't paint when we moved in. The previous owners had spent a lot of time on the kitchen, which we were so thankful for. This is a short-term home for us (two beds, one bath doesn't really scream "have a family here!") so we didn't want to do much in terms of renovating.

The kitchen is very nice, though I wouldn't say it is particularly "our style." I dream of something with a lot more white and stainless steel in the future :)

This is the view from the dining room (the coffee bar is on the left).

This is probably my favorite view - I love the light fixture, double windows and stainless sink.

 This door goes out under the carport. The laundry nook is on the left.

Looking at the kitchen from the laundry nook.

 These drawers hold envelopes, pens and various knick knacks. The blue tray holds incoming mail and the bowl is full of lose change.

Looking back into the dining room.

Source List
Paint Color: Unknown
Light Fixtures: IKEA
Rug & Fruit Bowl: Ross
Kettle & Mixer: Kitchenaide
Milk Jug, Yellow Mug & Baskets on top of fridge: Target
Wooden Owl: Thrifted
Utensil Holder: DIY
Chalkboard: DIY
Clock & Wall Organizer Under Chalk Board: IKEA
Small Drawers: University Surplus Store
Blue Tray: Target Dollar Spot
Clay Bowl: Made by a friend


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