Sep 25, 2012

An Entire Post About a File Cabinet

Yep, a whole post. Get ready.

I think needing a file cabinet is part of becoming an adult. You know: all of a sudden you need to keep track of all your medical expenses, you're actually responsible for the location of your birth certificate, etc. But file cabinets are pretty ugly. Early on our marriage we bought a hideous little one made of plywood that cost around $65, which was really highway robbery because the thing was so ugly.

Here is a picture of the way the desk used to look. You can see the overpriced fill cabinet underneath on the left side:

Anyway, we needed something different. And attractive. To go with the "new old" desk we re-purposed. So we took a trip to our favorite little university surplus store (we also bought our dining chairs there) where we found a lovely vintage file cabinet. For $15 bucks. Check it out:

I considered painting it, but I ultimately decided to leave it as-is. I like the vintage gray with bronze hardware. We actually only use one drawer for files at this point, so we are thankful for all the extra storage. I also like the height it adds to the corner of the room.

We definitely need to add something above the desk, but I'm not sure what yet. Any ideas? I'm just so happy to have this side of the office/guest room so close to being done.

Anyone else have a file cabinet they actually like? Or maybe you hide yours somewhere like a closet so no one has to look at it?


  1. I love the file cabinet. I have a plain one without much character that I'm thinking of painting.

  2. Very nice! We have a 2-drawer file cabinet that we got from a garage sale ... but, unlike yours, it definitely needs some sprucing up!

  3. Big improvement in style and function! Yeah, every adult needs a filing cabinet.


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