Aug 24, 2012

Week in Review - Overwhelmed

That's pretty much how I am feeling about this week. It was the first week of school at the university where I work and it has been crazy. It's wonderful having the students back, but it's sooo quite in the summer and I kind of got used to that. All of a sudden it's like - BAM - people everywhere. With all that being said, I hardly remember much of my week. Here's what I do remember:

A fun evening with lots of fun friends. 

 Coming home from work to find this. Why, oh why does my dog insist on finding everything he knows he's not supposed to have on the counter and destroying it?

 Eric took me out for delicious Vietnamese food after my first day of teaching.

Wonderful weather means sushi and wine on the front porch.

Anybody else had a crazy week?

life rearranged


  1. That food looks awesome! Good luck with your new year of teaching!

  2. Hello, I'm stopping by from the Life Rearranged linkup. Although my week was relatively calm, I can empathize with a busy week. However, great food is always a good trade off. Vietnamese food and sushi/wine, I would feel much better! I love it!

  3. mmm that food looks delicious!

    I think it's funny your dog left that spatula on the couch-- when my dog does something naughty he hides it!

    1. Haha I don't know why he does that either, Mikelle. I'm convinced it's his conscience telling him he needs to confess what he did to me :)

  4. 1) I love Winston puppy and and I haven't even met him.
    2) I love and miss you and I can not wait for September!
    3) I was in bed at 8:40 last night and fell asleep rather quickly. Welcome to the teaching life! : )


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