Aug 28, 2012

Easy Beaded Necklace DIY

I've been really into "statement necklaces" these days. My theory about why I like them so much is that they are kind of a replacement for scarves. In the fall/winter I pretty much wear a scarf everyday - I love the way they make a plain t-shirt feel fancier. But really, there is no way you can get away with wearing a scarf when it's 108 degrees outside. I tried it once. I felt stupid. Enter "statement necklaces." I've seen a couple of DIY versions of big beaded necklaces, so I decided to give it a try. Here is what I came up with!

Supplies Needed
Acrylic Paint
Wooden Beads
Necklace Clasp

Step One: Paint Yo Beads 

My trick to keep your fingers clean. I like clean fingers.

Step 2: String Up Those Beads

Step 3: Tie Your Necklace Clasp On The Ribbon

Step 4: Think About Ways to Keep Your Necklace from Looking Kind of Tacky in the Back, then Decide You Like a Little Tacky and Burn the Ends of Your Ribbon with a Lighter

Simple, yes? I love simple projects that you can do while watching terrible TV shows and this is definitely one of them.


  1. Love the color of green. And I'm with Erica - the toothpick trick is good ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  2. Cute necklace! I love simple jewlery projects. They are the best kind :)

  3. Impressive! I just happen to have some of those wooden balls. Hmmm I may just have to try that!

    I just nominated your blog for an award. Check out my blog for details.

  4. Easy, quick and simple DIY beaded necklace. And look at the effect! It looks nothing like a 5-minute necklace project!

  5. So adorable and easy! So creative:)

  6. Luv this idea! So fun. It would be a great project for me to do with my daughter.

  7. Such a cute necklace! I have some leftover beads when I made a teething necklace for my daughter. I need to use the rest for me!


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