Jul 20, 2012

Week In Review - Weddings & Winston

Eric and I jumped in our car this past weekend for a quick trip to Dallas. Some good friends of ours got married and it was so much fun to be there on their special day. Aaaaand I got to wear my new dress.

Of course a trip to Dallas meant a pit stop at IKEA, where we visited the grocery section for the first time (salmon spread?!). I also picked up some pillows, magazine files, and enough wonderfulness to last me until the next visit.

For some random reason, it was decided that I was qualified enough to teach a college course this fall. And guess what? It's hard work just putting together a syllabus.

What tends to happen when there is a Starbucks in your building at work.

Eric and I have gotten into the habit of taking Winston on an occasional walk around campus. Not only do we ooh and ah about how cute Winston is discovering all the new things, we love the opportunity to just talk. For some reason that happens more when we are out than when we are at home. 

Lastly, my dog is a cartoon character.

life rearranged


  1. ha! love the last picture of your dog- so great!

    stopping by from life rearranged!

  2. Stopping in for InstaFriday! I love the picture of your dog! Adorable.
    I feel like my man and I get more talking in when we walk the dog, too.

  3. Super fun pics!!! Love!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Skinny Bitch Apparel on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!

  4. Pretty dress, pretty Ashley! :) Winston is definitely your baby... except that he's about twice the size of "mom and dad"... hilarious!! And you're teaching at OU?! Congratulations!!! And tt's official... you are currently the "renaissance woman". Holy-mole-cannoli. I wanna be like you when I grow up. :)

  5. I love Ikea! I am so overdue for a trip there!! Maybe after vacation...

    your dog is adorable!

    stopping by from Life Rearranged!


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