Jul 26, 2012

I Don't Want To Be A Shopaholic (Working With What I've Got)


I started my "outfit of the week" post back in January based on a resolution that wrote about here. Basically, I'm naturally a very casual laid-back person and it was showing (in a negative way) in my clothing choices. I wanted some accountability for myself so I started posting an outfit each week. After 20+ outfits I have noticed a few things. First, I have had so much fun and you all make me feel so awesome about it. So the posts will definitely continue. But there has been a negative effect as well: I have found myself wanting to buy more clothes.

Yeah I know... should have seen that coming, right? Well, I didn't for whatever reason. I wanted to make do with what I already had in my closet. And somehow that turned into "well, if I had a military vest this would look so much better" and "I have got to get a pair of mint colored shorts." The other day I tried on a pair of floral wedges and asked Eric what he thought. His reply, "What!? Those aren't even remotely your style!"

Here's the thing: fashion is fun. It's fun to feel pretty and try new things. There is nothing wrong with that. I love reading personal style blogs because I am often inspired and I think "oh, I could do that." And that's the point. I could do that... working with what I have. I have always been slow to spend money (read about that here) and I want to continue to be that way. I'm sure I'll continue to buy new clothes now and then, but clothing is not going to become high on the financial priority list.

I'm putting this out there because, well, it will hold me accountable. Just like posting the occasional outfit has made me accountable to not dressing like a schlump at work.

What about you? Please tell me I'm not the only one who becomes "clothes-hungry" from reading other blogs and Pinterest. What do you do to keep yourself in check?

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  1. i totally understand where you are coming from! having a personal style blog definitely makes you want to buy buy buy and i already was like that before hahah but i am trying to be more conscious of that as well :D


  2. Oh man, I wish I had somet tips for you, but I can use some help keeping myself in check, too. I found a local group that swaps clothes at a yoga studio once a month. I haven't been yet, but I would like to try it as a way to get new stuff w/o spending anything. Maybe??

    1. A clothes swap! That is an awesome idea - I might have to look into that :) It really is so hard to keep yourself in check when buying clothes, especially when you find great deals!

  3. ditto x 100000. I love to buy things and it was getting out of hand, that's why I joined the budgeting bloggers group last month. Loved reading your budget posts too!


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