Jun 25, 2012

1 Post, 3 Stories

I had a ridiculously relaxing weekend. No agenda. Laid back. And somehow that has contributed to me feeling VERY tired this morning. So, due to my exhaustion and inability to think, you get a post with three recent stories I think are pretty hilarious. Enjoy.


I've mentioned before that I used to work at a camp. I worked three summers in college and then I lived there for a year. One year, when my husband and our friend Brian were leading "Morning Camp Party" (an all-camp gathering full of goofy songs, skits and games) they decided to play a game called "Pudding Pants." The contestants would wear adult diapers and their teammates would try to scoop as much pudding into their "pants" as possible in the limited time frame. I just want you to think about how awesome that is.


Scene: standing in line behind a couple checking out at Target. They were buying a few things including a readily available form of birth control (I'm sorry I can't write the word - I'm blushing). I wouldn't have noticed except the cashier picked up the box, looked at it and said "These don't work."

Couple checking out were silent for a second. Then the man said, "uh... do you have a little one?" Checkout-girl answered, "yep, a two year old... I'm just warning you."

And I have literally been afraid of those items every since.


On July 1st, smoking will be completely banned on the campus I work at. Completely - no specific smoking areas or anything. Without going into the politics of this (it took a long time for this decision to be reached), I fully support it - but I do feel a little sorry for the people on campus that do smoke. I have no idea what they are going to do. And I see them smoking outside every day.

So that's where this story starts. There is a woman who works in the facilities area of my building. She has a disability, but she doesn't let that stop her from speaking her mind. She loves to chat and has a voice that carries far. She loves to remind people of dates and times - for a month leading up to Daylight Savings Time she would poke her head in my office and remind me not to forget to change my clock.

Last week, as I was walking into work, there was a group of people outside smoking. I noticed that the previously-mentioned-building-worker was walking by as well. She stopped, took one look at the smokers and yelled, "EIGHT DAYS, PEOPLE. YOU ONLY HAVE EIGHT MORE DAYS TO SMOKE. BETTER QUIT NOW OR YOUR GOING TO BE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE. EIGHT MORE DAYS!"

It was awesome. Total shock on the faces of the smokers.


  1. I can't stop laughing!!! This is AWESOME!!! Your life is hilarious! Or maybe is the people you work with. :)

    1. Hahaha I'm glad you liked it, Mirela! I think it might just be the people I'm around that make for these awesome stories :)


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