May 14, 2012

Weekend Rewind - Mother's Day, Birthdays & Graduations

This weekend was full of wonderful family time. 

On Thursday I went to see my mom play tennis. She is a tennis superstar. She plays on a team with my aunt and cousin, so I was able to see them play as well. And for the record, all three of them won their games. Superstars, I tell ya'.

Late Thursday night, our friend Andrew Bollom came to stay the night with us. Bollom is from Australia and he was in the states for a few weeks traveling about (Aussies love to end sentences with prepositions).

On Friday morning we woke up eeeearly and drove Bollom to Dallas to catch a flight. The drive was actually great fun. It was one of those lovely rainy days and we had great conversation.

I love this picture. So sweet. We promise we'll save up enough to come visit you in Australia someday soon, Bollom :)

After we got back from Dallas we were worn out (from driving?!) and decided to see a matinee movie (you know, so we could make sure we spent the entire day sitting). We saw the Avengers (cheesy, but entertaining) in the balcony of the Warren Theater where we eat cheese fries and sat in ginormous heated seats.

On Sunday Eric and I spent the day with my family. We celebrated Mother's Day, my dad and brother's birthdays and my two of my cousins' graduations. Somehow appetizers and conversation   turned into watching my youngest cousins set off old fireworks and then taking turns shooting a flare gun. Yeah, that's how we roll.

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