May 2, 2012

Paint A Wicker Side Table

I made a little switch up in the living room last week and I thought I would share it with you. For a little background, check out some of the other living room posts about the painting processa full source listthe rug I love, and the current bookcase arrangement.

The below table was something Eric and I picked up at a thrift store a while back for $15 or so. We bought it with the intention of painting or staining it. I toyed around with a mustard yellow for a while, but I let it sit for over a year. One day, I just looked at it and realized the reason I hadn't touched it was because it just didn't work in the space. 

Ultimately, I really liked the vintage feel of it, but it was so hard to use because the top part was so small and the bottom part was just too far to reach over to set down your glass. And it was just too small for the area between the wall and the couch.

So I decided that we needed something else. But here's the thing, I didn't want to spend any money. I have an aversion to spending money, which I once mentioned here. There are so many awesome cute side tables out there, but I just didn't feel comfortable spending money on one. Enter this hand-me-down table that had been sitting on our front porch for over a year.

Please ignore the completely outrageous drawings on the table top - one day my mother-in-law and her sister were "just being weird," according to Eric. Anyway, the table was bought in the '70s from Target by my in-laws and they used it as a coffee table. I had originally planned on using it on the front porch, but I decided to spruce it up for the living room.


After a little paint it looks like this: 

You can see below that the table's not in the best shape... there are some warped edges and honestly, I didn't really do a great job of sanding before I painted. No biggie. Nothing a little strategic lamp placement can hide. 

So here it is the new space. Much better, eh? 

One more before and after: 



What do you guys think? Anyone else done any awesome paint transformations recently?


  1. I love it! Now my next question is ... what are you doing with the old table??

    1. Ahhhh I wish I would have thought of you! I gave it to my sister-in-law! I actually wanted to keep it but I'm "not allowed" to keep anything just because it might fit into our "next house." I'm seriously so bummed I didn't offer it to you!

  2. wow that tuned out nicely.

    1. Thanks so much, Nav! I'm so happy with how it turned out!


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