May 23, 2012

House Tour - Dining Room

I don't think I've ever posted about the dining room before... Probably because I keep convincing myself that I'll finish it someday and I'll show you then... but let's be real, it will probably never be finished. So today - I'm sharing!

Let's review first, shall we?

The dining room and living room are connected, but they are easily two separate areas. The dining room started out looking like this (view from the living room):

View from the kitchen:

What is all that stuff? Well...

The only good things happening in this space were the $20 IKEA rug, the DIY curtains and the coffee bar.

We really needed new furniture. But you all know my issue with spending money. So we waited. And looked. And waited and looked. And actually, it was worth the wait. We found a great table from the "As-Is" section of Mathis Brothers. It was originally $600 and we got it for $150 due to some scratches along the top. The scratches were very minimal and honestly, no matter whether our table was new or not, it would end up scratched. So it came home with us.

I knew I wanted non-matching chairs, and since I got four for about $1 a piece, I decided to just go crazy and paint them green. You can see more details here. Now the dining room looks like this:

 View from the kitchen:

 Much better, eh?

As I'm looking at these pictures, I'm noticing a few ridiculous things. Can I just point them out to you, please?

Well, you can't win 'em all, I suppose. Still, I really do love it. And remember how I said it wasn't finished? Well, as you can see in the picture below of the gallery wall, there is still an empty frame. That darn frame has been empty for a year and unfortunately I think we've gotten used to it. I've got to figure out what to put in that stinkin' frame. 

Really, the whole gallery wall is a bit random. We've toyed with the idea of painting all the frames the same color, but for right now, we kind of like the eclectic feel of it. Well, besides that empty frame. Do you want to know what's in the frames? (This is where you shout YES! from cyberspace).

Eric's pen and ink from high school

print from Marisa Rodondo

one of Eric's creations (yes, that is us!)

print from Katie Daisey

print I made
Indian tribes of North America print that I found in my parent's garage
an engagement photo taken by our friend Kyle

DIY bulletin board with vintage postcards
So there you have it. What's in our frames. For now. Someday I'll really "curate" our collection, but honestly right now it's just nice to have the frames up off the floor and they definitely add some nice color to the dining room.

A few more shots of the after:

What do you think? Do you like mismatched chairs as much as I do? Do you have any empty frames in your house that you went ahead and hung on the wall?


  1. Only one question: Why did your parents have an "Indian Tribes of North America" map in their garage?

  2. As you already know, I love your house and every little piece of decor. :) And I love the green chairs. I actually have 4 additional chairs in my garage (to go with the 4 we already have around our table) and a can of coral-y colored paint. So, once I get to that project we'll have a similar thing going on in our dining room!

    1. Ooooh Coral! I think that would look amazing in your dining room! I've actually been surprised at how much I love the green - I think the dining room would be a little "blah" without them!

  3. I LOVE the Gallery Wall. So cute. And those green chairs are awesome. I feel like every room needs green!!

  4. LOVE the chairs! Green is my favorite color:-) xoxo

  5. It looks amazing!! I think you've done a wonderful job with it so far :) And I really love the rug.

  6. i love the green chairs and all the art!

  7. Wow. It's rockin'. (And the bananas on the fridge are perfectly hip. )

  8. Nice transformation! Have you considered painting your "hideous" fridge? I have seen it done a few times and it has turned out well. You could use appliance paint or chalkboard paint. I also like that you have meaningful art around your house!


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