Apr 16, 2012

Weekend Rewind - 'Nadoes & Such

Whew... What a weekend.

This past Saturday was supposed to be "The Big Event," which is annual service project here on campus where near 6,000 students are matched with non-profits all over the state of Oklahoma. It's normally from 9am until around 3pm. I'm the staff advisor, so a lot of Friday was spent debating about the affect of the impeding severe weather on the event. That, and helping make 4500 box lunches. If you're wondering how long that takes with a crew of 30 people... A very long time.

After the lunches were made, I headed back to my office. At about 4:30pm, the sky began to go black. I called Eric, wondering if he had heard anything about the storm. I told him I was worried about Winston, so he decided to go ahead and go home. Literally, 1 minute later, I hear an announcement over the intercom in my office building declaring that there was a tornado that touched down in town and that everyone must take shelter immediately.

I headed down to the basement, trying to call Eric the whole time, but I couldn't get a hold of him. I started to get worried. Now, let me just stop right now and say - tornadoes don't scare me. I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life, and yes I've seen homes destroyed, but we usually have plenty of warning to get underground. What was worrying me was that I had no idea whether or not Eric had gone home or taken cover. I also started to have horrible visions of Winston being caught in a tornado. Don't judge. He's my fur-baby :)

I convinced myself that Eric had ended up staying at work and was safe. Yes, I was still worried about Winston, but ultimately I convinced myself that Eric was fine.

You're probably seeing where this story is going. Turns out, Eric headed to our house, thinking the tornado was elsewhere a little ways off, but listening to the radio the whole time. However, he found out it was right above our neighborhood by the fact that the stop sign he was waiting at literally bent over backwards and touched the ground. He said tree limbs were flying everywhere and he very clearly thought "I might die in a tornado." He ditched his car and ran into the library to take cover with hundreds of other people.

The tornado finally passed, and we feel so blessed that our home was spared. Our next door neighbor lost some siding and a tree limb broke one of the windows on their car. However, our street is one street north of most of the sever damage. Roofs are gone, trees are pulled up by their roots. It's awful, but no one was seriously injured and that is obviously the most important thing.

In case you are wondering, the Big Event got postponed and we spent the rest of the evening watching the weather as more storms were supposed to blow in. Saturday... same thing. It was an incredibly restless weekend. And in the middle of all of that, we sold our Subaru. We'll miss you buddy.

Whew... What a weekend.

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