Apr 2, 2012

Weekend Rewind - Medieval & Munchies

Why is the world medieval spelled so weirdly? And on that note, why is the word weird spelled so weird? Have you ever done that thing where you stare and stare at a word spelled correctly but it doesn't look right? I do it every time with the word medieval. You know, because I write that word a lot. "Oh please. You are just soooo medieval."

Anyway. Eric and I attended the medieval fair this weekend in Norman. Apparently, a lot of towns have these fairs, but I'm pretty sure ours is a big deal. It's actually a huge fair and it's free, so that is probably why I like it so much. Well, that and the people watching. It's completely outrageous how many women use the medieval fair as an opportunity to wear cropped halter tops with dangling sequins and bells. And let's just say these women are not afraid to let it all hang out, if you catch my mid drift.

Fair Food Favorite: Roasted Pecans

Not necessarily medieval, but pretty darn awesome.

I'm currently reading a novel about Scotland in the 1700s, so these kilts caught my eye.

We both had to feed the elephant.

Taking Winston to a fair is like escorting a celebrity. We're talking petting, picture taking and lots of "ooohs and ahhhs."
The Final Four, chips and queso, and margaritas.

That enormous container is full of... gelato. Why not get a pint, right?

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