Apr 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind - Cake & Rollerskates

If you read last weekend's post, you might remember the community service event that I am the advisor for got postponed. Well this Saturday was the big day, so after making 3,000 more lunches, I spent basically the entire weekend on campus, working. Of course "working" is a lose term in my profession, so it was a lot fun. Lots of time spent with fantastic students.

With all of that, it was a pretty full weekend:

On Thursday, I went with another student group that I advise to the roller rink. Yes, I went roller skating. And it was awesome. I mean, look at that carpet. I'm not going to lie, I definitely got a few "Ashley, you're really good at this" remarks. 


I was able to sneak away from work for a while on Friday night to celebrate my friend Esther's birthday. Esther is one of my favorite friends and is so much fun (Love you, Est!). I had the privilege of making a cake for the festivities and I have to admit it wasn't too shabby... probably because it was funfetti :)


My peony's started blooming!  I think they are absolutely so pretty. I just hate that they bloom and fade so quickly :(

My younger/middle brother came to eat lunch with us on Friday after church. We enjoyed Five Guys burgers and fries, fun conversation and wrestling with Winston. I love this brother, and so does Eric.

Looking forward to a full week ahead!

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