Apr 11, 2012

Our "Love Story"

I'm kind of gagging a bit at the title of this post... But I'm just going to go with it. Because we're in love and it's a real life story.

Here's a little background:

I never really dated. I had a boyfriend in 8th grade, but what is an 8th-grade-boyfriend, really? I had kissed too many plenty of boys. But I never really liked any of them. Over the years I'd had a lot of "you're a really nice guy, but..." conversations over the years. Those are terrible conversations.

And, to make sure you don't think I think I'm so awesome or so hot or anything like that, there a few of boys that I really liked (often for years at a time), but they never liked me back. Just wanted to make sure that was known.


The summer after my sophomore year of college, I worked at a Christian summer camp. My best friend had grown up going to camp there and had worked there a few summers and she convinced me to join in on the fun. And I am so glad I did. It was a time of huge spiritual growth and some of the people I worked with that summer have become lifelong friends. I was completely committed to my campers and the staff and it was wonderful. But I kept getting distracted. By a boy.

Eric was, at the time, my supervisor. And he was sooo cute. And everyoooone had a crush on him (true story, but he denies it). Anyway, I could not stop thinking about Eric. And I really, truly didn't want to. I wanted to grow and learn that summer and I did not want to be distracted. I even prayed that God would take away my feelings for Eric (he didn't). Honestly, I didn't even know Eric. We didn't really hang out that summer. It just felt like a big, stupid crush. I was also 100% certain that Eric didn't like me, so that just added to feeling miserable about the whole thing. 

Fast forward to the last week of camp. A big group of people (including Eric) went "into town" to hang out. I ended up in the front seat with Eric. We chatted. I had HUGE butterflies. My heart hurt. But I was convinced that I'm was never going to see him again after camp (he went to school 3+ hours away from me) and it was just a crush so it doesn't matter anyway.

After Eric left camp, a mutual friend let it slip that "Eric found me mysterious." BE STILL MY HEART. And then he called me. And we talked for 3 hours. And then that happened over and over again. And then he came to visit me. And he told me he liked me and that he was going to pursue me (!).

One of our first pictures together (at a Razorback football game).

Eric and I dated long distance for 2 years. We tried to take it as slow as possible - Our first kiss was about 9 months in. The longest we ever went without seeing each other was 12 weeks (Eric lived in Colorado for a semester after he graduated and I was still in school). We only talked on the phone every few days. It was difficult at times but I think it was for the best. We had to live our lives, and be present where we were. We didn't become wholly reliant on each other, which would have been very unhealthy at that point. And we trusted each other. I think we both just knew. And Eric made it clear that he was pursuing me with marriage in mind.

Right before Eric graduated and moved to Colorado.
 Eric was/is the first man that I ever completely trusted and respected. That's how I knew it was love.

He proposed in July 2008, at the ranch where we met. Four short months later (that felt WAY longer) we were married.

And no, it's not "happily ever after." I am SO happy and I feel SO blessed, but marriage is work. Marriage is a journey. Marriage is a lifelong commitment to working through everything with someone else. Of course, I am so happy to be doing this next to the best man I've ever known.



  1. love you two and your story :)

  2. I didn't realize how similar our stories actually were...thanks for sharing!

  3. Love!!! Thanks for sharing your story. :) You two are such a wonderful couple to be around.

  4. this made me teary eyed. I just love you guys so much. I still miss you being just a few steps from my door! (sniff, sniff)

  5. love it! Such a great story!

  6. So sweet!! For some reason, I thought you guys got married in November but I guess it was in August...? Man, time flies by!!! I like you both and I miss you both! Come back to the NW soon, puuuhhhleeeeeaze!

    1. Nevermind... that's not your wedding picture... wop wop wop... silly me! :)

    2. No, you're right! I wrote the date wrong, which is definitely a little bit ridiculous :)

  7. Growing up, Eric was the only Metro boy at our church who didn't actively throw waterballoons or dodgeballs at my face during youth group events. I always knew he was a winner!

    And being lucky enough to inherit some of your high school friends as my college friends, I heard through the grapevine that you were the greatest person ever before I even met you. I wish I had worked at New Life one extra summer so we could have been on staff together! That would have been fun.

    Great love story! You guys are awesome!

    Love always,

    The creepyass lady who sends you weird things at work and is obviously obsessed with you but she sucks at Draw Something but that's okay

  8. just ran across your blog from you wwiw link. awesome story. and i just have to say as soon as i saw your pic from the sports game i was like, "that looks like a razorback game" ha! WPS!!!

  9. Totally sweet and amazing!! Such a unique love story :)


  10. This love story is one of my all time favorites!!!

    My heart hurt when yours did, my butterflies rose when I read yours did.
    I was on the edge of my seat, wondering when your relationship was going to start.
    I didn't predict that it would be at the end of camp :)

    I like "mysterious".
    That's a fun description and made me smile.

    You two are so cute together and I am so glad you found your happiness! <3

  11. Love that you added it was not "happily ever after" and that there is work involved involved. I just finished reading a book called "Ever After" by Vicki Courtney, who shared some great wisdom on the topic of marriage and family. Easy and humorous read. :) BTW, I hope it is ok but you have inspired me to share my dating story on the blog...I've thought many times about sharing the "start" of my faith journey - still pondering how I will go about doing that one. Anyhoo, enjoyed reading your about the start of your "love story" journey.


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