Mar 21, 2012

Weekend Rewind - Soup & St. Patrick's Day

Yeah, I know it's already Wednesday, but it's Spring Break week so that means the weekend just kind of drags on, right?

I actually have to work all week, but it almost feels like a week off because there is On Monday I spoke 3 words to one person. It was awesome. I am definitely a people-person, but I need some good alone time now and then. You know, so I can close my office door and dance like a crazy person. I also practice silent dancing in dressing room stalls. What... is that weird?

Eric and I spent the weekend in Tulsa. But before leaving I made roasted cauliflower and garlic soup. It's different than most soups we make (I prefer chunky soups), but it's really good. I highly recommend it.

Winston loves car rides. I think he likes the attention from passing drivers, who often roll down their windows and coo at him. It's like driving around a celebrity, really.

I got to spend some time with my Besties. I hate that we don't live in the same town, but I am so thankful that they are not too far away. It's just so easy being friends. I love that I can be 100% myself and not worry about them getting the wrong impression of me.

Eric and I spent good 'ol St. Patrick's Day with our friends, Brian and Erin. The evening was full of green t-shirts, laughter and a few too many pink coupons :)

 This is my verse for the week. My heart is yearning for His presence this week.

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