Mar 26, 2012

Weekend Rewind - Truffle Oil & Breakfast for Dinner

This weekend was the last weekend of Spring Break. Which really means nothing to us since neither Eric nor I actually have a Spring Break anymore. But our college town was super quiet this week, which was awesome. We definitely took advantage of it.

The weekend started off with Eric "running to the tag agency" and coming back with these lovely blooms. The only time he ever gets me flowers are the most random moments when he is just thinking of me. They mean so much more that way, I think. 

Friday night was breakfast for dinner (including Eric's famous french toast*) and the Muppets movie. I was a bit disappointed with the movie - I grew up watching the Muppets and I love the movies (Muppet Treasure Island, anyone?), but the new movie wasn't that funny or interesting. It kind of just made me reminisce. I got cabin fever it's burning in my brain... I've got cabin fever it's driving me insane...

Saturday morning I had brunch with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. Mimosas, donuts, quiche, cinnamon rolls and a wonderful time. 

I got a new camera! It's been something Eric and I have talked about for a long time so I am ecstatic to finally have it!

So Saturday afternoon we took a little lesson from Esther, the master photographer.  Let's just say it might take me a while to master ISO and aperture and all that mumbo-jumbo.

We went to a birthday dinner with a fun group of friends at the Wedge. We hadn't been there since my birthday celebration and it was just as wonderful. And yes, we got the Truffle Shuffle again. Cannot. Resist. Truffle. Oil.

Sunday was filled with weed-pullin' and plant transplantin'. Eric and I don't know anything about gardening, so every single spring is a guessing game: "Is this a weed??" "Should we be watering this??" Yeah, it's pretty bad. But we put in some effort yesterday, so hopefully we'll see the fruits of our labor.


*By famous, I mean no one has ever eaten it besides me and I really like it.


  1. ashley! what kind of camera did you get? so jealous you got a private session with esther!

    1. Amy! It's a Canon T3i - I love it! It takes great pictures and also HD video, which is nice. The prices for cameras are so good now that we just couldn't resist! And yes, Esther is the best. I'm already a good photographer just because she taught me :)

  2. 1) those flowers are beautiful!
    2) I miss you.
    3) I love that you make simple activities sound amazing. It makes me want to live near you because I feel like life would be more fun! : )

    1. Thanks, Erin! Looking back at the pictures almost makes it seem more amazing than it actually was :)

  3. Yay for a new camera!! We also spent some time tearing out weeds. We have that ivy ground cover that is horrible to tear out because it's all intertwined! It's always worth it after seeing everything clear!


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