Mar 14, 2012

Raise the Roof

Yep, I just wrote that.

We got a new roof! Actually we got a roof AND few other outdoor updates as well. I don't normally post anything about our outdoor area for two reasons: (1) I don't think it's very interesting and (2) because Eric and I are lazy and we don't really like yard work. BUT I thought since our house's exterior did get a pretty significant face-lift, I would go ahead and show it to you.

First, how it came about: It all happened really fast. Eric had pointed out that our home insurance rates had gone up significantly in the past few months. He decided to call and their response was "Oh right... because of all the hail damage. Have you not put in a claim on your roof yet?"

We hadn't even looked to see whether our roof was damaged or not. It wasn't leaking so we figured it was fine. I guess we have a thing or two to learn about home ownership :)

So we got an adjuster and a roofer to come out, and two days later there were men at our house ripping off the roof. The roof was literally done in one day. Amazing.


A few other things are different in the picture besides the roof...  

New: medium gray
Old: Faded light blue
The change is actually really subtle, but we think it makes a huge difference. We knew we'd have to get a new roof eventually, but we weren't really sure how complicated and expensive it would be. We feel so blessed that it all happened so quickly and so smoothly.  Has anyone else dealt with getting a new roof before? Any horror stories?

*** Bonus points if you noticed Winston in both the before and after picture of the house :)


  1. It's way easier to notice Winston than to notice the newly painted trim. Both look super cute, though. Yes, I just said Winston is cute. ha!

  2. It looks so much better! Love the gray trim!

  3. Hey I just found you through Lovely Nest and I'm glad I did. The roof makes such a difference and your home is lovely.


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