Mar 8, 2012

Outfit of the Week - Chambray Love

*** I am not a fashionista. I shop at Target and I don't wear heels. You can read my reasons for posting an outfit of the week (despite my fashion deficiencies) right here. ***

A short story before I post this week's outfit. One of the first times I went home with my besties from college, I noticed their respective senior pictures sitting on their parents' mantles. I, of course, started making fun of their poses and outfits (cap-sleeved t-shirts, laying down with their heads resting on their hands, etc.) so they made me show them my senior picture. And of course I did, stating that my outfit was "timeless."

Here is said outfit/picture:

I know what you're thinking: "wow, that is timeless. Ashley will never be embarrassed of that picture."

Jean jackets have become a constant source of teasing between my friends and I - me constantly declaring their "timelessness" and them convinced of their "90's-ness" (this picture was taken in 2003, so that's a bit harsh, really).

Anyway, the point is, I have seen some fashionable stars wearing jean jackets as of late (are these people celebrities? I have no idea who they are.), so we all know they are still stylish.


***I'm not quite cool enough to re-embrace the jean jacket trend fully, but I decided I could tap into with the popular "chambray shirt." I honestly love this top. I'm wearing it simply here, but there are so many ways to wear it, so I'm sure it will be making a reappearance on the blog soon.

Chambray button-down: Old Navy
Pants: Banana Republic
Flats: Target
Earrings: Forever 21

Anyone else convinced jean jackets are timeless? Or am I "so 90's?"


  1. I also think they can still be worn, if done properly. But I also have friends who are convinced that they've seen their day in the sun. I'm sad cos I left mine in the states and there are so many times I would wear it if I had it!!

  2. I saw a jean jacket at old navy and totally contemplated buying it. I had three jean jackets until this year when I forced myself to donate two of them. I can't let go of the third... Timeless, you know...

  3. All I have to say is this: History repeats itself.

    Does that mean timeless, you Jean Jacket Queen? If so, then I'd say my stretchy Jnco wannabes are just as timeless as the jean jacket...


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