Feb 8, 2012

Vase Makeover(s)

I haven't been working on any big projects lately, but I have done a few little crafty-type things here and there. I thought I would share a few of today.

I am kind of obsessed with cute containers right now... every time I go to Target I stop and ogle at the beautiful baskets (I already own WAY too many) and other lovely containers. Has anyone seen the mod-looking bread boxes and canisters that are there right now? I realllllly want a bread box... But... we don't need one :(

Anyway, I decided to spruce up a few little containers that we already owned. You know, making do with what we have and all that jazz.

The first two were metal bins, I used twine (from Lowe's) and hot glue to re-purpose them.The last one is a combination of rubber bands and spray paint (there is something similar going around on Pinterest).

Yes, that is Winston's mouth on the left... I could have taken a different picture, but I thought it was hilarious. I am kind of obsessed with my dog.

I would suggest taking the rubber bands off before the paint dries, but I'm OK with how it turned out. I also think it's kind of fun how the different colors of the sharpies I keep in it show through :)

So there you have my little makeovers. Does anyone else have a strange love for pretty containers or have you done anything similar?


  1. Awesome blog makeover, bestie.

    Awesome nose, Winstie.

  2. You are so crafty these days! I want to be like you when I grow up. : )


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