Feb 21, 2012

Valentine's Day "Tradition"

Our first year of marriage Eric and I stayed in on valentine's day and made a nice dinner. Every year since then we've done the same thing, so I guess that makes it a tradition... How long does it take to make something a "tradition?" Anyway, it's actually become something that we start to look forward to, which is nice because I've never been big on Valentine's Day (and Eric definitely hasn't). This year we also used it as an excuse to take a much-needed outing.

The Saturday before Valentine's Day, we woke up late and had a big breakfast while watching the Season 2 Finale of Parenthood (absolutely love that show!).

Then we went to Warren Theater and watched The Vow in the balcony. They gave me a carnation, which is just so cute. We ate cheese fries and enjoyed the seat warmers. The movie was... OK. It was definitely sad, but not that sad. It was sweet, but not that sweet.

Then we went to Starbucks, which I include in the story only because of these super cute cups.
It's the little things, right?

Afterward we went to the Oklahoma City Outlet mall. I have been wanting to go for a LONG time, but it just never worked out, so we thought this date day would be the perfect excuse. I got lots of cute stuff, including the heart top I wore in this outfit. Eric was really excited about shopping too :)


Then we went to Whole Foods to pick out our valentine's day dinner. We hardly ever shop at Whole Foods, but once a year it's fun to splurge and go all out.  

And yes, all this food cost us $70. Blerg.


And here is the finished product. Gah. It was so good. Like, "I don't need to eat tomorrow good."


So that was our valentine's date this year. Nothing too crazy, just a fun excuse to actually go out and do fun things :)

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  1. we saw "the vow" in the balcony at warren also! and I agree with you on your movie review. annnd your dinner looks so amazing.


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