Feb 10, 2012

Outfit of the Week - Long and Loose

*** I am not a fashionista. I shop at Target and I don't wear heels. You can read my reasons for posting an outfit of the week (despite my fashion deficiencies) right here. ***

Well, I'm back with the Outfit of the Week post. So far, it's going pretty well. I actually think posting these outfits is helping me a little bit. I wouldn't say I've become super stylish by any means (I really don't know if I ever will be), but I actually think about what I'm wearing at least once a week. And the background is a little better than last week, but it's still terrible. Ugh. This spring we have a lot of outdoor work to do on the house. Anywho, this is my outfit for the week:

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Land's End Canvas
Scarf: Target
Headband: Forever 21

Can I just sing about this dress for a minute? I had really been wanting a maxi-dress for a while, but thought I would never have one. You know, because I'm 5'10'' and a maxi dress on me usually looks like a ill-fitting parachute (too big and WAY too short). But, much to my surprise, I stumbled upon this one at Old Navy on sale for $20. I was seriously pumped about it. It's just so versatile and SO comfy. You can't tell in this picture, but I'm wearing leggings and boots underneath. Perfect for winter. And I'm sure I'll be wearing this all the time in the summer. 

Is anyone else obsessed with maxi dresses? Or, does anyone else think that "maxi dress" is a weird description of a long dress?


  1. I love Maxi dresses! I use to worry about wearing them because I am so short...but I just wear them anyways. So comfy!

  2. I am obsessed with maxi dresses as well! :)
    And the gorgeous scarf (alongwith the gray cardigan) take the outfit to another level.


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