Feb 15, 2012

Office Decor

I recently got my own office. Don't be too impressed, my entire department is composed of three connecting rooms so it's less like a fancy office and more like, well, a room. But I love it. I have had a good time decorating and there is still a lot more to do.

I have seen so many lovely offices on Pinterest and the countless blogs that I read, but decorating an office at a place of business is so different. First of all, you can't paint. So my walls are beige :( There is also probably a lot of pre-existing decor (in my case, a few large photographs) and usually large, heavy office furniture that you're stuck with. On top of all of that, an office should look professional and should somewhat blend in with the rest of the building. You don't want people to walk in and think "where am I again?"

Two other things that are just my personal preference when it comes to the way offices look:
  • I really dislike when there are personal pictures all over the place. Some are fine. On a bulletin board or in a frame. But when they are literally the only decor in the room and they are stuck all over the place, I think it looks really unprofessional.
  • I also think it looks unprofessional when an office is full of stuff. It looks unorganized and gives the impression that you are also unorganized.

With all that in mind, I put together my office desk area.

Here is the view when you walk in:

My bookcase. I am obsessed with decorating bookcases. You can see the one I recently re-organized in my home here.

And a close up: 

So there you have it. It's nothing fancy, just somethings I had at home. I really didn't want to buy anything right off the bat. If I want to add things later I can. I've only had this office since January, but I didn't want it too look that way. It might not be the most professional office that ever existed, but I did want it to have a little bit of me in it too :)


  1. ohh this makes me miss you!! congrats on the new office, looks great!

  2. you're such a grown-up... to have your own office and all! Love the decor! Super cute... kinda makes me want an office.....

  3. isn't decorating so much fun!? great job.. it's definitely the little things that count!

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