Feb 29, 2012

The Master Bedroom - Phase 4

Phase four just went down in the bedroom.

If you take the first two words off of that sentence it's really awkward. Just wanted to point that out.

Alright, so phase four.

This post starts with a confession. Eric and I had been living with something hideous in our bedroom. When we first started painting our room we were in that "rip anything horrible down and throw it away" mode. So we ripped down some disgusting, plastic-y, broken, off-white blinds. And we threw them away. Then we started painting and went on our merry way. Fast forward a few hours. Time for bed. Time to change. Wide open windows. All bad. And so (desperate) we came up with this:

Bathroom Curtain Rod + Old Sheet + Chip Clips = Curtain

Okay this is where things start to get weird. Yes, there is a window behind that bookshelf. And that green tub is also strategically placed.

Another angle. When the bookshelf is pushed up completely against the window sill, it was surprisingly affective. We tested the privacy factor from peering in from outside.

So. We lived with that for two and a half months. Yeah, I know. And I'll be honest, it wasn't in order to find our dream curtains or anything. We just kept pushing new curtains/shades to bottom of our (infinitely) long list.

So then we finally ordered some nice white canvas roman shades from JC Penney. We thought they would look good. Once we put them up, we felt like they looked like giant, white band aids. They just weren't the right fit.

So then, being the geniuses that we are, we decided to dye the curtains. I've read about dying things with tea and Eric and I both agreed that an off-white, aged look would work. So we went for it.

They looked ok... but then one day the shades brushed up against the condensation on the window.  And the tea bled. So then we had giant brown blotches all over the shades. They looked terrible.

Blerg. I hate when you spend money on something that doesn't look good. Thankfully, they were only around $30 apiece, but that's nearly $100 wasted. So we waited a good 6 months before trying anything again, just to make sure that we got something we wanted. 

So down they came (I just had to include Winston in a picture). And in their place, we put up bamboo roman shades (Overstock) and white curtains (IKEA). And basically, it looks SO MUCH better. I have no idea why we didn't do this before.

I think the wooden shades play off the wood in the headboard quite well. And the white curtains really brighten up the dark gray paint. So there ya have it. Who knew window coverings could make such a big difference in the way a room feels?


  1. Love it! I agree, they play off the other elements in the room very nicely and really complete the room!

  2. Love it! On another note, I miss you! Seriously. : )

  3. Super cute! Love it all. Hey, is the throw at the end of your bed from Anthro??? If so I want it!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It's actually from Urban and we love it! Lots of color, but not too girly :)

  4. I'm loving this bedroom. I also would love to see the interiors of the rest of the house.


  5. The ambiance in this room is superb its like the bed is pulling you to go to sleep with it.


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