Feb 23, 2012

From Day to Night!

*** No outfit of the week post for me today... I'm back to my old ways of not caring about what I'm wearing.  I'm currently sitting at work wearing a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes :( Hopefully I'll be motivated again next week. So for now, I thought I would post about a fashion idea I just don't get.***

I've alluded to this before, but does anyone else read way to many a lot of Women's magazines? For some reason I just can't get enough.  

Lately, I've noticed a specific type of article. One called "From Day... To Night!" Or something like that. These always irk me. The usually read something like this:

Take your hard-working day outfit straight to an evening extravaganza. Just add a few simple accessories and you'll go from "professional" to "party."

And the article is accompanied with a picture like this:


Anyway, every time I read something like this I think, "where do people go after work?" I mean, who has formal events on a weeknight?! And if you do, don't you have enough time to run home and change?! And since when did meeting friends for dinner in your "work clothes" turn into such a fashion faux pas? Oh my gosh, Ashley is still wearing what she wore to work. I'm completely mortified to be seen with her because she looks like an adult. I really just don't understand. Is it because I live in Oklahoma and I think jeans are a perfectly acceptable thing to wear to dinner?

But, I'll be honest here. When I leave work I put on my "night" outfit too. You know, like this:


Except, the day outfit isn't as cute and my night outfit isn't as... wait, OK, it's just like that. I wear my "night outfit" for lots of evening extravaganzas: dinner-cooking, TV watching and house cleaning.


  1. Hahahaha!!! You made me laugh a lot with this post!!! :) I love your night outfit, I might just run to the store right now and get one like it... You know, I've gotta be ready for my "friday night outing"...!

  2. You crack me up! YEP, I'm in that night crowd you described... the one with pj's and cleaning the house ;-)

  3. This post is so true! I come home from work and put on my pjs almost every night! And if I do end up going anywhere I either wear the same outfit or switch from work pants to jeans.


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