Jan 31, 2012

Style Resolution

I am a magazine junky. Between 12 and 17 I hoarded every issue of Seventeen magazine. I would read and re-read each issue. I currently receive 4 different Women's magazines in the mail every month. I have an excellent memory, so I tend to absorb every makeup tip, awesome workout tip and fashion must-have. I consider myself a beauty and style expert, really. 

What, you couldn't tell?

Okay, fair enough. It's true, I don't really use much of the information I read. I've never been particularly fashionable. I wrote about my fashion issues here - which mostly stem from the fact that I am adjusting to dressing "professionally" every day.

I think it's about time that I develop my own sense of "style." The biggest obstacle to this is actually not my budget. While it is very limited, I enjoy finding things on sale and I like finding good deals. So the real issue is my attitude. I just don't care enough. I go to work with wet hair all the time, I wear the same things over and over again and I just don't CARE.

But it's 2012, ladies and gentlemen. That means I've got a few resolutions in mind. And one of them is, drum roll please... to improve my style/care about what I wear.

I've tried this before. With a certain friend of mine during our junior year of college. We were convinced we were "letting ourselves go" at the young age of twenty. So we made a list of "style resolutions" and taped them to our mirror. Here are few examples of our ideas:

Wear at least mascara every day.
Don't wear ill-fitting clothes that don't look good on you.
Think about what you are wearing.

We thought our goals were hilarious. And we thought it was even more hilarious that we broke most of them within the second week of school (I'm talking about you, mascara).

So here's to trying again. My plan is to post some of my outfits here, on the blog. I think that might be one of the only ways to actually hold myself accountable. After I post the pictures here, I'll post them on hotornot.com and you can vote on them.

This might be the best blog idea I've ever had, or the worst one. We'll see.


  1. Love it! And I totally think you should do the hotornot.com, I'd vote hot!

  2. So, let us know when you'll post your pics to hotornot.com ok? I want to vote. :)

  3. I can only hope I am as funny as you are some day.... hot or not...lol....

  4. Sounds like a great idea! This has actually been a recent conversation I've had lately with many different people. (not about your style haha ... my style, of course)

  5. Even I go to work with wet hair all the time (since I almost always have rushed mornings). But yes, on most days I like to put an effort in to dressing-up!


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