Dec 19, 2011

Done with school... Forever.

I'm finally done. With my master's. It has honestly gone by so fast, even though there were moments when I was completely overwhelmed and I felt like it couldn't go by soon enough. After a lot of this:

I finally finished my classes. Then I took my comprehensive exam, which was brutal. A week and a half before graduation I got this:

I almost didn't walk and do the whole ceremony thing, until my mom convinced me I should. And honestly, I'm glad I did. It made the whole thing feel like more of an accomplishment.

Posing awkwardly. Shout out to my awesome kitchenaid mixer!

This is what it looks like to get hooded. And no, it's not an actual hood. I was a bit disappointed with that.

After graduation, Eric hosted a little get-together for my family. He even cooked for it!

I am so truly blessed by my family. Both my family and my husband's family have been so supportive. I am so so so so thankful. Also, I am thankful to be done with school. Heeelllloooo free time - I've missed you!


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