Nov 9, 2011

Fall Decor

So technically, I decorated for a fall back in October, but of course I'm just now blogging about it. But let me just say, I like the fact that fall decor can go up in October and stay up until Thanksgiving. In my opinion, the decor is basically the same. I think I feel that way because I don't have any interest in decorating for Halloween. I just don't want spider webs on my porch and fake dead bodies coming up from my front yard. Ick.

So anyway, this year I just threw around a few plastic pumpkins that I bought last year at Hobby Lobby. They were 90% off when I bought them so I think each one was around twenty cents. I didn't want to spend any money this year, so I was glad I picked them up last year.

Eric's mom had these leftover from something, so I snatched them up. The "vase" is an old syrup bottle. I think it would look cute filled with acorns, but I haven't had time to scavenger any :(

For the dining room table, I took a few more pumpkins like the ones below and painted them white. I also made a table runner out of burlap (originally a painting tarp). Technically, it's a little short to be a table runner, but since I made it, I guess it's my decision about how long it's supposed to be, right?  

I literally just noticed that Winston is sniffing a vase of flowers in the background of this picture... man, I love that dog.

I found this tree-bowl-thing at a antique mall for $4

It's super simple, but I love it. I don't usually decorate our table with anything, but it makes me excited about fall every time I see it.

Finally, what decorating project is complete without a wreath? I made this one last year (see that post here) and I was happy to reuse it. I think it looks especially nice on our newly blue door.

When I originally thought about decorating for fall this year, I imagined carved pumpkins, painted acorns and things of that nature. But you know what happened? School/life. In fact, if you're reading this right now and thinking, "I thought she had a a ridiculously important test coming up THIS Saturday, and now she's blogging?!" Well, yes, I do have that test. In fact, I took off of work today and tomorrow to study for it. But I have to take breaks. And luckily, today's break included a blog post :)


  1. okay, LOVE the painted gords and pumpkins in the super cool tree bowl! Can't wait to see your christmas decor!

  2. I really love your fall decor. However, my favorite part is your awesome Kelly Green chairs! I cannot wait to browse more around your blog and see the rest of your adorable home.


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