Sep 17, 2011

Money & The Blender

Can you see that title being an appropriate name for a story about a cop duo? I totally can... Anyway.

Due to some recent events involving a blender, I had the opportunity to really evaluate the way Eric and I view our finances. We think very similarly, but also very differently.

***Side note, financial disputes are one of the leading causes of divorce, so if you aren't married yet, MAKE SURE you are your significant other have the same ideas about how you should spend/not spend money. Just a thought :)

So, the blender. We got a blender nearly three years ago as a wedding gift. It was not a particularly nice blender, we just kind of picked one in a hurry with the little registry scanner thing, like I'm sure most people end up doing.

Fast forward a year. The blender starts acting up; it really doesn't blend very well. Eric says, "we need a new blender." I say, "well, it still works. We'll wait until it just doesn't work. I don't want to spend the money."

Six months later: part of the glass pitcher on the blender breaks. Eric says, "we need a new blender." I say, "we'll hold it together with this sticky-goo stuff and it will be fine."

Another six months later the blender starts making weird noises and if you have it on for too long it starts to smell like smoke. Eric says, "we need a new blender." I say, "well, it still works. We'll be fine."

I know, I'm ridiculous.

Last month, we finally finally bought a new blender. After researching and comparing prices we bought one. It was originally $100 at Bed Bath and Beyond, but we used a 20% off coupon and a $50 gift card that we have had sitting around for the past 3 years. So we only paid $30 for the blender we have needed to buy for the past two years.

Eric with said blender (that works amazingly, P.S.)

So what did this little story tell me about our view of finances? Well, I used to think we were both cheap. Now I understand that I'm cheap and Eric is frugal. I hate spending money and Eric hates wasting money. The good thing is neither one of buys anything unnecessary, the bad thing is that I don't want to buy anything, even when we need to.

Since marrying Eric, I really have recognized the value of spending a little more money up front to buy something nice that will last a lot longer than buying something cheap. It's definitely still important to get a good deal on things, but I've realized it might be better to buy a nice white collared shirt from Banana Republic than one from Forever 21 that will last three months.

I definitely still think some things should be purchased cheaply (ALL of my jewelry is from Forever 21 - I don't care about jewelry very much so I don't see it as something worth investing in), but I definitely own more "nice" things now, compared to when I lived on my own.

One of the great things about marriage is the constant opportunity to evaluate how you do things and to combine your knowledge in order to do things better :)


  1. Amen girl! I'm def the cheap one too and hate spending money on anything! ha! your post cracked me up... maybe OBU business school did it to us :)

  2. I love this post! I forwarded it to Randy. This is so us, only with the roles reversed.

  3. awww loved this!!! and love you guys!!! :)

    If I come over, will you make me something in your new blender?!

    Our wedding blender is still in the original package...hahah :)

  4. I love your blog Ashley, it makes me laugh! One of my favorite quotes is "only the rich can afford to live poorly".... meaning only someone who is rich can afford to buy lots of cheap things that break over and over. I totally affirm your theory that quality saves you money.


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