Sep 11, 2011

The Laundry "Room"

It's not really a room per se. More of a nook. But I have recently become obsessed with it. I'll show you why.

It started out like this:

The green paint is from the previous owners. I love green, but the color really made it feel disconnected from the kitchen, which is the pale, tan color you see on the half-wall on the right. The house is already small, and two different colors of paint made it feel even more choppy.

The sides of the "nook" looked like this:

Yeah, I know. The insides of the cabinets looked just as bad:


The good news is this is a before and after post, so there is a happy ending :)

This is what we did to get to the "after:"

  • We painted. We used the same color as the kitchen (I have no idea what color it is - the previous owners painted the kitchen so we just had the paint color matched).  Everything flows together so much nicer now.
  • We also bought a new stand-alone cabinet (from IKEA, but I think it looks surprisingly vintage) to store all of Winston's food, dog shampoo, leashes, etc. 
  • I also added curtains (also from IKEA) in order to have the ability to close off the nook if need be. I also made an easy triangle banner for the window. 
  • I organized all of the cabinets, added a few accessories and just cleaned it up a little bit.

Annnnnnd... here is the finished product!

I'm kind of in love.

Here is what the sides of the room look like these days:


Much, much better.


One more before and after:


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