Aug 2, 2011

Being Trendy (Part 2)

Last week I reflected on trendy-trends that I have never and would never partake in. This week I thought I would look at some of the trends I never thought I would wear, but actually did. Some are old school, some I'm wearing right now. All bad? We'll see.

1. Monograms. Does anyone remember when monograms were really cool? I feel like people mostly wore them on bags? Well, if you look closely at this picture (taken on my high school senior trip) you can see that there is a monogrammed "A" on my tank top. I think someone gave me this shirt, which is probably why I ended up wearing it.

2. Those short sweater things. Ugh. I hate this now. It's kind of reminds me of a long-sleeved bra on the outside of my shirt. Gah. Definitely don't own this anymore. Shout out to my friend Kylie whose shirt still looks cute after 5+ years.

3. Jeggings. So this is more recent... I know it's hard to see my pants in the picture, but just fyi they look like real jeans. I had this misconception about jeggins being shiny and unflattering. But they are so not. I love them. So easy to wear with boots and really really comfortable. Mine are from Old Navy. I'm sure I will still be wearing them once tight jeans are completely out of style :)

4. Onesie. Yes, I know it's not really called a onesie, but how much more fun is that name? I NEVER thought I would wear one of these considering it's totally trendy, but last summer I tried this on and really liked it. I think of it like a dress that's super convenient to wear when you're going to be sitting on the grass or playing around outside. I'm sure I will be embarrassed that I wore this in about a year, but for right now... loving it.

What about you guys? Has anyone tried anything really trendy that they never thought they would?

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  1. I was JUST talking about this with my dad yesterday! I told him "These onesie-romper things (I agree that "onesie" is definitely the most fun to say) might be kinda weird looking but- Dang it they're comfortable! They're so convient- you don't have to match pants to your top or top to your pants! It's just so easy!"

    Also, your mom showed me your blog )


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