Aug 5, 2011

August Comes With a Vengeance

Around here, August means the beginning of school. It means, all the sorority girls move in to the dorms this week. It means you can't go to Wal-Mart or Target without being overrun by co-eds and their parents. And it means that my job is actually for real.

Back in June I started a new assistantship, one with more hours, and more responsibility (and a little more pay!). I am taking over the responsibilities of a university employee who will be on maternity leave until November. I am SO excited about it my job - it is such a wonderful opportunity. I get to work with awesome students, awesome staff and it's a lot of fun. But up until now it's all been about planning and getting ready for the school year. And now the school year is here. So it means that I am going to be really busy at work from now until November.

Oh, and I start 9 hours of grad school in a few weeks.

So August is here with a vengeance for me. It's all exciting. But also a little bit overwhelming too.

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