Jul 24, 2011

Being Trendy

A couple of days ago I started thinking about fashion trends. I think it started because I had a birthday last week and I got some doll hairs (anyone seen that 30 Rock?) to spend on clothes. I haven't bought much yet, but I have a whole new outlook on clothes these days. I'm trying to think of things more as investments and I'm trying to stay away from trends. Maybe I'll write more about that later. Any-who, I began to reflect on trends that I (thank God) never participated in). Here are the top 4:

1. Ugg Boots (image) Luckily, I could never have afforded these beasts, but I really think these became the definition of trendy. Like you couldn't be cool without them. And that makes them bleh to me. I'm not hating on them overall though... I think they look super comfy and warm - I could see myself sitting in my house in the winter wearing them.

2. Leggins as Pants (image) Please, please don't do this. I work on a college campus so I see this about 10 times a day. It's never pretty. Even if you are skiiiiiny. It's fine to wear leggins under a long shirt or dress, just please oh please, cover up your butt (that's Olivia Wilde in the photo. She's very fit but they STILL don't look good).

3. Jenkos (image) Ok, so this an old one, but why in the world were these ever cool? Luckily, I couldn't afford these, but I remember wishing I could. Oh dear 90's, thank goodness you've passed.

4. Harem Pants (image) These don't even need an explanation about why they are so atrocious.

****** Don't worry, I ain't hatin' on ya if you participated (or participate in) any of these trends. In my next post I think I'll write about the trendy-trends I did participate in. Some of them aren't pretty, believe me.


  1. gracious, i never did go down the jenko road myself, but i sure did want to. glad my parents got me cheap clothes and knock-off brands :)

  2. Two things:
    1. Jenkos are not bad if worn in an intramural softball game.
    2. Harem pants are excellent for anyone with an extra-extra large crotch. You know, the people who gain lots of weight there? They must have a very hard time finding pants that fit comfortably.

    A third thing: Feel free to delete this comment if you feel it discredits you as a sane, PC blogger.

  3. I did not know harem pants existed until just now. I'm glad I don't know anyone who has actually tried to pull those off, they are utterly atrocious.


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