Jul 12, 2011

25th Birthday, Part I

I am happy to be the big 2-5. I am actually content with getting older for the first time in a while. Every year I feel like I grow spiritually and emotionally, and honestly, it feels good. So here's (raising a glass of water) to being in my mid-twenties!

How did I celebrate you ask? Well, let me tell you:

Eric surprised me with a two-night stay at the Skirvin hotel in Oklahoma City. He scored a deal at $60 a night (yay for Priceline), which I was glad to know because I would have felt weird about spending a ton of money on my birthday since I'm a huge cheapo.

We ate at the wedge which was new to both of us. And let me just say... it is amazing.

He then surprised me by taking me to see Shakespeare in the Park in the myriad gardens. This purchase was also a good deal - Groupon had season tickets (6 total) for $35 (two tickets to one show is $30). We bought some fancy cheese to eat during the show from Forward Foods (and in the name of telling you all the good deals we got - we had a gift card so it was free). The cheese was a little melted since it was 259 degrees outside, but it still tasted good :)

We also went to the mall (where I had trouble buying anything with my birthday money because again... I'm a cheapo), ate sushi and stopped by Coit's for root beer in a frosted mug.

The only bad thing about my birthday is that Winston didn't give me a gift. He did this instead:


  1. Your birthday weekend looks incredible! Way to go husband. My favorite thing (sorry) is Winston's adorable face. He looks so sad and remorseful! Happy belated bday Ashley!

  2. haha ohh what a mess he is. glad you had a lovely birthday!

  3. Awww I love it all!! Great job Eric!!! And boo for Winston chewing up some of your things! :( Should I show this post to Matt because of that?? haha jk :)

    happy birthday!!!

  4. Sounds so fun!! And I have to agree, Winston is pretty cute and does look SO remorseful! Happy belated birthday!!

  5. The Wedge is DELICIOUS!! Chris and I go there sometimes before or after games. We always get the pizza that has prosciutto and fig. I don't remember it's name, but you should try it sometime.

    Yay for yummy birthday food! Happy belated birthday.



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