Jun 26, 2011

Week in Review

This week has been BUSY.

Monday we... worked on my two final papers for my summer classes (I wrote, Eric edited) and turned them in, which means I am FINISHED with class for the summer!

Tuesday we... went to OKC for dinner with Colt, Claire, Megan and Philip. The boys talked business, the girls talked (future and present) motherhood and decorating.

Wednesday we... played two softball games in our co-ed league. We got destroyed (as in I am too embarrassed to write the score) but it was fun.

Thursday we... went to some of Eric's work friend's house for dinner. We ate delicious pork tenderloin tacos and ate the kind of packaged ice cream dessert that reminds me of camp and the gas station.

Friday we... Hung out with Colt and Claire again (we like them a lot) at an outdoor concert. We saw my friend Samantha Crain play, along with Sheree Chamberlain and Brine Webb. They are all really really talented.

Saturday we... went to my friends Shannon and Tyler's going away party. They are some of my favorite friends from this past year and I am going to miss them.

Sunday we... worked on the house. That is pretty much a weekend staple.

Busy, wonderful week.


  1. was that a sneaky way to tell us that you are pregnant?? I don't think it was but I just have to check these days!

  2. 2 times in one week ... that is pretty impressive. we should keep it up! :)


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