Jun 12, 2011

Things that make me happy... lately.

  • My new job. I will share more about it soon. I promise.
  • The beautiful flowers blooming in my garden
  • Re-reading the Harry Potter series before the last movie comes out in a month. I'm on this book right now (which, coincidentally, is my least favorite of the series):
  • Eating lots of fresh fruit from the farmer's market
  • Finishing one of my three summer classes
  • Being completely, finally done with all painting in our house
  • This face:


  1. 5 is my least favorite too. Tickets for the midnight showing are on sale, so buy yours! Also, glad you're loving the new job!

  2. that face would totally make me happy too! So cute!

  3. Aw, sweet puppy. He is adorable. I want a goldendoodle.

  4. I want to see your short haircut! Pictures, please!


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