May 18, 2011

Living Room - Take 2

The living room. The place where you do most of your living. Which for us, is true. The living room is the biggest room in our house (our house is 1100 square feet, so that's saying something) so it's truly where we spend most of our time.

The living room has really developed into something nice in the past few months. We basically had no living room furniture to start (we sold our old couch right before we moved) except two black leather chairs. For a while they were situated next to each other directly across from the t.v., so we had a elderly couple/movie theater vibe going on.

But we really have come a long way. We've saved up over the past months so we could actually buy the furniture we wanted (no way would we go into debt for furniture - maybe a topic for a future blog post?) and I'm happy to say that's it has payed off.

You can read about Take 1 of the living room redo if you want. It basically summarized the fact that we spent A LONG TIME painting our 15 foot ceilings.

Here is the living room today:

This is the view to your right as you walk in the front door.

Close up of the built-in bookshelf area (no, I didn't ask him to model).

Looking at the living room from the dining room. That weird blank spot on the left is actually the wall... I promise I didn't crop the picture funny.

Looking back at the front door.

Source List:

Couch - IKEA
Coffee Table - Urban Outfitters
Black Leather Chairs - No Idea (hand-me-downs from the in-laws)
T.V. Stand - Walmart (!)
Side Table (to the left of the couch) - Thrifted
Coat Rack - IKEA
Yellow Pillow - homeade
White Pillow - IKEA

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