Apr 15, 2011

Friday Finds!

This post comes from an attempt to blog a lot more and also to share some of the fun stuff that I have found. "Found" could be anything from a thrift store purchase, an awesome restaurant, a cute dress, a fantastic dog toy... whatever!

This weeks edition is called the best 50 cents I ever spent.

Last summer I went garage sale-ing with my friend Missi and I came across the sweet owls for 25 cents apiece. So I snatched them up! The were white originally, but the color was a little faded so I gave them a quick coat of spray paint to make 'em shiny. I used them as bookends for a while but now their just purely decorative.

Anyone found anything cool lately from a garage sale?

1 comment:

  1. I need these owls for my collection! I always look for owls at goodwill and garage sales.


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