Apr 6, 2011

Bathroom Completion... Kind of.

We're (finally) done-ish with the bathroom. You have no idea how happy this makes me. We've been halfway done for about a month and a half now... oh, how I wish for more free time. But hey, who doesn't?

You can see before pictures of the bathroom here. You can read about painting the vanity black here and the green ceiling here. Now on to the good stuff.

I originally wanted to do a "focal wall" with a modern stencil. So I bought a stencil and got really excited about it. I gave it a shot:

I had already started covering it up at this point but you can at least see what the pattern looked like. Up close it looked like this:

I tried a couple of different methods of painting the stencil and I did a lot of research but the issue was the texture of our walls. The walls are that lovely 90's speckled texture. So we quickly decided to nix the stencil.

What to do? Paint gray stripes of course! It took forever (if you are considering stripes - vertical or horizontal - know that it's a lot of work to measure, tape, paint and then paint over all your measurement marks). But I am really pleased with how they turned out. Without further ado:

I love that it's a very subdued color palate with a jolt of green on the ceiling and in the details.

I just love green. If you didn't know.

The reason I say we're "kind of" done is because we still want to replace this ugly light fixture:

and rip out this disgusting medicine cabinet. We plan on replacing it with inset, open shelving.
So there ya have it. The big reveal. Woot woot.


  1. Sullivan's, the bathroom masters!! That looks so good!! I really like the stripes and I can't imagine how much work it gave you... :) Great job guys!!!

  2. I Love it!! I totally can't wait to see it in person! Speaking of, can we please plan another get together??? I need it in my heart!

  3. I love this too! Especially the green ceiling...never would have thought of that, but I really like it!


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