Mar 18, 2011

Sprrriiiiing Breeeaaakkk!

I looked for a some "classic spring break" pictures to put right here... Let's just say I wish I hadn't looked.

Anyway, this spring break has been pretty busy. Eric and I traveled the first weekend to visit our friends at New Life. It was amazing to see them and we had a great time making up names for each other's autobiographies :)

Now I am sitting in a hotel in Victoria, Texas because Eric's brother is getting married here tomorrow. We are super-excited for their wedding - it's going to be lovely. I'm not going to lie, the 10 hour drive sucked, but I am glad to be sitting here in a nice hotel. Nothing beats watching cable t.v. while lying in bed (although I am currently watching a Baby Story on TLC and I don't know why - it makes me not want to have a baby).

Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to write about (one of the more painful things about blogging) but I felt a bit obligated. Hopefully I will be a little more interesting in the future :)


  1. Look at the pictures on my post from yesterday. RWB!

  2. you mean you didn't want to post any pictures from spring break '06?! i'm appalled. :)

    i miss you, other ashley.


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