Feb 2, 2011

Looking Back on... Style

Today I started thinking about my clothes. I mean, I'm pretty sure I think about clothes as much as the average woman - you know ladies, when you are getting dressed for work and think "ugh. I hate my clothes." That happens to me about twice a week.

So anyway, I started to consider how my "style" has developed over the past few years. I use the word "style" loosely here... if I had a lot of money and time to shop I think I would wear cute clothes (anthropolgie as a dream clothing source, anyone?), but I've decided that if you choose the clothes you wear, then you have a "style" of some sort.

So let's begin here:

The plaid shirt. The velvet collar. The matching velvet pants. The monkey on my shoulder. Okay, so I thought this was cool when I was 10. And that's ok. I had probably only been dressing myself for five years at that point.

But let's skip ahead to college. Because that is where the actually story begins. In college I wore a lot of layers. At OBU we were just really, really into layers. This was definitely the most popular look going on:

Long sleeved shirt over short-sleeved t-shirt. I know, pretty hot. But really, this was an awesome, convenient, casual look that I loved. You could even make it "dressy:"

Why yes, that is a lace top peeking out from that green shirt. Which obviously screams "dressy." And my friend Emily is rocking the layered look here too - I think she's wearing 3 shirts???

So moving on... I graduated from college and moved out to a ranch (as in, there were horses and it was in the Middle Of Nowhere, Oklahoma). Enter baggy jeans and t-shirts. Every day. I don't know why really, but for some reason I just felt weird wearing anything remotely cute when I lived there. I never wore makeup either. Whenever we would leave the ranch, I would be super excited to wear a "cute top" and mascara. Which honestly, was great. It's great to get to be so casual every day. I have lots of friends that still live at the ranch - do you guys feel excited about getting to dress up as well?
Here is a picture taken while working at the ranch - this was definitely what I would have considered a "nice outfit." You know, because the shirt is a pleasant color.

Then I entered the grown-up world of professional clothes every day. This is where the "Ugh. I hate my clothes" thoughts came in. It's really difficult to not want to change into sweatpants immediately when I walk through the door every day after work. Don't get me wrong, I love getting to wear cute clothes every day, but it definitely has its setbacks. You know, that I don't actual feel cute in my clothes every day. And that professional clothes are expensive. And that something about multiple layers of stiff, dressy fabrics are not as comfortable as t-shirts. So needless to say, that comfy, cozy layered look is out for me.

In conclusion... okay, so I don't actually have a conclusion. That's why it's a blog. I can write about whatever I want without actually having to say anything :)

But enough about me, what about you? Has anyone seen their style develop differently after they graduated from college? Do any nurses out there get really sick of wearing scrubs everyday? Or do you love that you don't have to choose an outfit? Anyone out there just not wear clothes at all and love being a nudist? Give me your thoughts!


  1. ok i'm totally with you on the layers...i try to do it as often as possible, dressy or not, ha!! and i know what you mean, after working all day, my first thought is to get in my comfy sweats immediately!!

  2. i have the 'ugh' thing several times a week too. here's my deal - i don't love slacks/pants. i love jeans. school won't let me wear jeans ... therefore, i feel like i have no tops to go with my slacks/pants. some tops are just tops for jeans ... you know?? ohh the wardrobe complications!

  3. Nothing beat velvet & corduroy in the 90s. (My favorite was always my lime green corduroy overalls.)

  4. Oh man, Ashley! This post spoke to me! (This is Tana not Konnor by the way) Layers...oh the layers...I still tend to do this because I work in a very casual environment. I used to think that I wanted to have some place where I could wear cute clothes everyday and not feel weird about it. When I was student teaching, I wore the heck out of all my cute clothes...and I got sick of it!! It was sad. I'm definitely a sweats girl all of the way, is what I've ultimately discovered...or a nudist. I just play a little game when I go out sometimes that says "look how cute I can look. This is how I look all of the time." Lies, I tell lies to the public with my lacy this and crochet that. Last night Konnor and I were watching Return of the King, and I had on Konnor's sweats and a big puffy bath robe. Nothing else. Our neighbors begged for Konnor and I to come over in the middle of the movie to show us something. I got frustrated because I had to change out of my true, full blown comfies, to regular fitted sweats and a nicer hoodie...man, I laugh at myself as I think about changing from my true comfort clothes to more socially acceptable comfy clothes! I marched out the door saying to Konnor, "Does no one else get naked or dress really horribly in their own place when their alone or do other people just always have on clothes that they aren't embarrassed to be see in??!!!!" Konnor responded..."I think people dress in comfortable clothes..." he laughs "but I bet you do more than most people." So there's my confession on primarily caring on my clothing comfort level.

  5. Just get a job at a grubby old plant greenhouse. Then you can wear a zookeeper outfit everyday and accessorize with dirt and leaves.

    Or adopt the style of a 1940's British 10 year-old. That's pretty timleless.

    And speaking of timeless, why don't I see anything about the eternal stylishness of jean jackets in this post? Aren't you going to break out that famous senior picture?

  6. I could go on and on about my "Ugh" moments every week. I give into that strong temptation to change into sweats the moment I get home. And I'm not even ashamed. :)

  7. This post is great! To make it simple: I have about... 4 outfits I wear to the bank and I just rotate them every week... Sometimes it's hard (or impossible) to look "professional", cute and feel comfy at the same time.

  8. Never knew how to dress...still don't... Will you take me shopping?!!? :)

  9. I love Esther's comment. It made me smile..partly because I love your style or lack of style : )

  10. I miss the layers of OBU... and I miss wearing Chacos everyday.


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