Jan 17, 2011

On Window Treatments

Window treatments. Something I never gave much thought to before having my own house. As long as the neighbors couldn't see me changing then I never even thought about what was on the windows.

But now, of course, I do think about them. And Eric and I were really not into the hideous (incredibly cheap looking) blinds that came with the house. But I am happy to report that those have nearly all been replaced.

Today I am particularly excited to show you two windows that recently received homemade window treatment makeovers!

Okay, here is the first window in question:

This is the back door that leads directly into the back yard. Neither Eric nor I thought this door needed a ton of coverage - we like the light it adds during the day. But it's kind of creepy at night when people can see in but you can't see out. (This photos is pre-paint in the dining room.)

Curtains can be ridiculously expensive so I decided to make my own. Honestly it's kind of a big deal for me because I've had my sewing machine a while but I've hardly used it. In fact, I'm quite a sewing novice. But it turned out to be (really) easy. I basically just sewed a straight line four different ways. And due to these awesome curtain clips, it was super easy to hang them as well.
So without further ado, here they are:

And closed:

You can see how really simple looking they are. (P.S. See that coffee bar in the corner? You can read about it here). And now creepers can't see into our house.

The second window in question is the one in our guest bedroom.

I know. BAD. Soooo bad. We had taken these blinds down and put them back up multiple times (because of painting) so they were in really bad shape. So bad that I had to put picture frames up against them in order to keep them closed. Needless to say, we were desperate for an (affordable) solution.

So in came my mother-in-law, a sewing genius. Seriously though, someday I hope to know half of what she knows about sewing. She made us these amazing roman shades:

Here's a closeup of the pattern:

I don't know if I'll ever be a good enough seamstress to make roman shades, but for now I am enjoying the blessing of having a gifted mother-in-law.

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  1. I am so upset that I can no longer sit in your backyard at night and watch you guys eat dinner. Thanks for nothin', Sullivan. Sheesh.


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